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There is no one “Hotopper.” That’s the beauty of coming together from a mixed bag of industries and life experience—day in and day out, we get to work with a wide spectrum of creative and production talent to achieve the impossible. That said, there are traits we look for whenever we bring a new Hotopper to the team. They must be creative and good at what they do, open with clients and colleagues, collaborative, inclusive of others, trustworthy, and charismatic—because what’s the point if you’re not having a good time along the way?

Career – Waldo
Career – Sobe & Rachel bubbles
Career – dog (abby’s?)
Career – alyssa green screen
Career – ryan & rachel space needle
Career – Josh VR
Career – gary & hector boozing
Career – abby animal chair
Career – Yutaka & Parmida corn
Career – brian d cardboard arms
Career – NY crew sitting on roof
Career -Sobe in shop
Career – matt straw fangs
Career – welcome

We are a diverse group of visionary people who are united around a central belief: anything is possible.

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Our values



Openness is being confident, vulnerable, and authentic; having a clear alignment of thoughts, words, and actions. Here, you don’t need to know it all to share an opinion. In fact, withholding an opinion does more harm than good. To foster a culture of openness, we are kind, accepting, and positive so we can all share our truths and do the best work.



To achieve visions that seem impossible, we need to be able to grow together. We work hard to nurture space for everyone to thrive as a team—not just as a business or with our clients, but as people. This is the foundation of everything we do. We invest in and empower every person to be their best so we can all continue to elevate.



We’re in the service industry. We’re commercial artists, here to serve our clients’ needs—not our own wants. We solve problems for our clients and know that as kind experts, sometimes the best way to answer a question, is with another question.



Heart captures the enthusiasm we have for what we do. As fire-hearted builders, tinkerers, and creators by nature, we are in relentless pursuit of the right answer for our clients. It’s this passion that enables us to say “yes” and to have fun while doing everything we do to the highest degree of excellence.

We’re lucky to get to do this work for a living, and we strive for the joyous feeling you have when you’re putting on a show with your friends—it brings out the kid in all of us.