“The moment you crack open a PBR, you’re instantly transported to a simpler place and time, where things are a little beat up and a lot less fancy. It’s the kind of place we all pine for. If only it were a place we could actually visit…”

Pabst Blue Ribbon Fans everywhere will have a chance to spend a night in a PBR inspired Motel room courtesy of a new branding platform that brings the Pabst experience to life through a limited activation at the Grand Traverse Motel in the popular summer town of Traverse City, Michigan. Fans can choose to spend the night in three PBR themed rooms – Dive Bar, Arcade and Rec Room.

Each of the rooms feature carefully thought out elements that allow visitors to experience the feeling of PBR, in spaces the brand is often enjoyed including old-style game consoles, VCR movies, record player, Juke Box, Board Games, and more. The Motel is set just a short block away from the Grand Traverse West Bay, a sought out beach destination for summer vacationers.

“Once the transformations are complete, we’ll make the rooms available to book online so people across the country can experience a PBR Portal firsthand.”

Dive Bar

“The idea speaks to that special place PBR has in your heart and mind. A place that’s indifferent to the passing of time, where the beer is cold and friendship is forever. And now, it is a place you can actually visit. This one of a kind motel experience evokes the vibe of summers past and present.”


“We were looking for a campaign that embraced the classic qualities of PBR, but would be aspirational for fans both new and old. Pabst is the Place represents all the little things that make the brand what it is.” explained Rachel Keeton, Marketing Director for PBR. “The Motel becomes the Place, evoking that comfortable and timeless feeling of PBR for visitors to experience first-hand.”

Rec Room

The motel activation is part of a larger brand campaign that includes a wide range of advertising elements including (links to be added) social media posts, digital films, outdoor advertising and programmatic ad buys. The advertising will be targeted to 17 key local markets running from July through September.